Day Trading Redefined!

set your own rules

Remora Trader Assist

multiple accounts

Set all these parameters for each of your trading accounts.

max contracts

Limit the number of contracts you can trade at any given time.

Customizable Daily Profit Targets

Customize your daily profit goal.

Daily Loss

Set your daily loss, control your risk.

time zones

Multiple Major News Event today? No problem, set "No Position" times to keep you from breaking rules.

30 Day Money Back

30 day, no risk, full refund if not a happy.


industry leading

Remora Academy, LLC’s goal is to be recognized as a leading NinjaTrader® supplier of tools for all traders. We diligently research and listen to the needs of traders.

Remora Trader Assist Tool is our flagship NT8 indicator. It will enable you to take control of your trading risk. Trader Assist will continue to evolve for the betterment of the trading community. 


you are meaningful

Remora Academy, LLC is here to serve dedicated students of the art of trading. You will never be a number, Remora Academy works with individual students. We have classrooms and labs (Trade Room) – to teach and practice The Remora Theory.

Simply put, the Remora Theory is identifying Whales and tagging along. Find A Whale!

Weekly Classroom: Mondays at 3:00 pm Central Time

Weekly Lab: Tuesdays and Thursdays at 3:00 pm Central Time


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