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      • Everything in Newsletter (Basic) subscription

      • Remora Trader Assist oversees your account(s) for the day.

      • Have Trader Assist automatically control these risk parameters, for each of your accounts simultaneously...

Daily Goal – if you have a goal $3,000.00 for the day and you hit it then Trader Assist turns off your account for the day.

Daily Loss – if you have a goal $1,000.00 for the day and you hit it then Trader Assist turns off your account for the day.

Max Contracts – if you don’t want to trade more than 6 contracts at any given time, per account – Trader Assist will prevent you from trading 7 or more.

No Trade Zones – If there is a news event at 9:00 am you can set a No Trade Zone of 8:58 am to 9:02 am – if you are in a position and 8:58 am comes…Trader Assist will exit the position…or if you are not in a position and you try to enter – Trader Assist won’t allow you to enter a trade – Trader Assist will keep you safe.

The Remora Trader Assist is a revolutionary tool that enables you to control your risk. You can set parameters for each account you trade. The parameters currently included are… Daily Profit, Daily Loss, Maximum Number of Contracts traded at one time, and No Trade Zones (make sure you are out of the market during known Major News).

Remora Academy goes beyond just usual lecture classroom method - there is interaction with students, which enables both instructor and student to demonstrate to each other that the lessons are being learned. We care that you are actually learning.

***The Remora Education Subscription along with the Lab-Trade Room subscription is the core of - OUR MISSION - Teaching you to be a successful trader


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