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60 day Money Back Guarantee
Group or Individual Sessions

Thank you for your interest in Remora Academy LLC Education!

Common Attributes for Group and Individual Sessions:

Non Disclosure Agreement – Since we actually teach things that work – an NDA is required upfront, to keep both student and Remora intellectual property secure.


Environment – We will use a collaboration tool to communicate among students and instructors. Environment will friendly, professional, SAFE, and respectful.


Goal Number One – Develop student’s confidence. In order to succeed, and become a better trader, the student needs to be confident that they have an understanding of “things”. This is confirmed by the student demonstrating application of the material taught.


Risk Free – 60 day money back guarantee:

Nothing to risk, if you are not happy after 60 days, your money will be refunded. Only criteria, is you will still be under the Non Disclosure Agreement.


Remora Trader Assist Tool:

The Remora Trader Assist Tool is included, a $50 per month value.

Remora Academy goes beyond just usual lecture classroom method – there is interaction with students, which enables both instructor and student to demonstrate to each other that the lessons are being learned. We care that you are actually learning!

*** Education is the core of – OUR MISSION – Teaching you to be a successful trader – Remora Academy LLC


education - remora theory group
  • Access to our weekly group session

  • Fundamental Trading Theory and Techniques

  • You get to demonstrate, practice, and become proficient with the concepts and methods of the Remora Academy along side other students
  • Introduction to the Remora Theory

education - remora theory individual
  • This is for individual students, one on one

  • Weekly one on one session
  • This is a limited access subscription – only serious, teachable persons will be accepted. Remora Theory students will be expected to do homework and share with other RT students. And to have some fun!
  • Each student has their own path to follow, we will help you learn the basic and advanced trading techniques to enable you to become consistent
  • The “Remora Theory” is taught, once student has demonstrated solid understanding and practice of foundational trading techniques

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