Why Remora Academy

Introducing Remora Trader Assist


The Remora Trader Assist is a revolutionary tool that helps you minimize your risk, by setting parameters for each account you trade. Get complete control over your:

  • Daily Gain

  • Daily Loss

  • Max Contracts

  • No Trade Zones– if your rule is not to be in the market at a certain time (aka – major news events) Trader Assist keeps you safe!

Remora Trader Assist Webinar: What to Expect

  • Discover the common issues traders face, how they can cause grief in your training, and how Remora Trader Assist can help

  • Learn how Remora Trader Assist works

  • See Remora Trader Assist in action

  • Get an exclusive invitation to our live lab for an in-depth demonstration of Remora Trader Assist

  • Take part in our Q&A session

  • Get access to our special offer for webinar attendees only!

Are you ready to become the trader you want to be?

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